Biggest Problem with Biotech Fresher Jobs, And How You Can Fix It

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Searching for life science jobs & Biotech Jobs is one of the most painful experiences after graduation.

Well, it’s okay not to receive offers just yet. However, you can’t sit and wait for opportunities to knock on your door. Dig up before they show up.

One of the most common and biggest issue biotech fresher’s has to deal when they are applying for the job is practical knowledge. In today’s competitive world, every employer is looking for the best candidate with work experience.

Getting a degree, having classroom theoretical knowledge and even securing a good mark is not good enough for a student to get a good job. They need hands-on experience. They need you to know how to work in a real-time environment and live projects.

According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2020 survey, employers also want proficient in some areas, including critical thinking/problem solving, work ethic, and oral/written communications.

practical work background brings a major impact when make an attempt to enter the job market.

1.   Do Internship Before Seeking Job

An internship is the necessary step of biotech engineering graduates that play an essential role for students to train for their skills.

Internships provide the opportunities for students to apply whatever they learned in their classroom practice that knowledge in industries.

Biotech graduates can do an internship in a wet lab or dry lab, where they work under a mentor who guides them, trains them and monitor their performance. Mentor give them suggestions during training, which is valuable for them.

It is the bridge that fills the gap between the Industry demand and academic learning.

Internship is a great help for students and it lets them to know what they like what don’t so they can choose their desired field for their career among multiple options.

Sometimes biotech interns get the full-time job-opportunity by the employer because they see their dedication and performance of work.

Employers give preference to the interns instead of hiring a new candidate because they already watched their performance and interns also aware of the team collaboration, work ethic and company culture, so they are comparable more appropriate than a new candidate.

Here are some resources for virtual internships of biotech students


Some people think what nonsense I’m talking about, but this is a golden idea who works. Biotech Students have only theoretical knowledge because most of the private college doesn’t have the instrument to gain practical knowledge.

So if you want to get a job and have dedication towards your career, then this is a more powerful idea to work a few months free for biotech companies or work in a research institute by recommendations.

Select some good industries/companies in your area and ask to HR for work as you prepared.

It will work in both ways either you will absorb by the company or you will get in-depth knowledge and experience in the specific field.  You’ll also learn how to work in a team, time management, communication, punctuality, how to work under pressure.

This experience will useful to get jobs. Now you can fulfil all the required criteria to get a life science job.

You have nothing to lose in this phase, so jump and check it and gain it. Some students take jobs which are not relevant to them. Only because they want a job, they join any company either they like it or not. Make an effort in the right way, so you can enjoy work.


One of the best source to get biotech job or any private job through the networks of professional people is LinkedIn, which helps in connecting with people from your industries. So people directly connect with HR professionals or get a recommendation from other employee.

Nowadays, employers look at the LinkedIn profile of their prospective employees to see what others think of them. A well-maintained professional network with overflowing recommendations can create a good impression.

LinkedIn is a very useful medium for fresher’s getting the job through showcase their talent and data.

Some points keep in mind while making LinkedIn profile

  • Write a LinkedIn headline that makes you stand out
  • Include a professional summary in your profile
  • Build Professional Network and surrounded with biotech people
  • Join life science LinkedIn groups
  • Share your successes in LinkedIn posts either virtual training or LinkedIn test badge
  • Use LinkedIn’s job-search function
  • Get recommendations and testimonials for work skills
  • Follow your favorite biotech companies

4.   Having a good resume written by professionals

 If you can write a compelling resume, then you are a step ahead compared to other candidates. If not, you may need to hire someone to do it for you.

A professional resume-writer can bring a lot of help, they know how to structure the resume, what to mention, what to not. Most important thing is, they know the current formats and lengths for a resume that could impress an employer at your career level.

They are also aware of the most demanding skills of various biotech industries. So that highlight key accomplishments in resumes and CVs of that most managers are looking for.

Don’t take it wrong that you are not good at writing a resume. Many of the professionals who are bad at writing resumes but are excellent workers. Resume is a showcase of data on how good you are at, what you have achieved, so making a job winning resume is added value while job hunting.

Do not copy the others resume or use the resume you designed years ago over and over again. Design the resume according to job profile and check how much fit your resume according to job profile.

Now a day, a majority of employers have used the Application Tracking System (ATS) tool built on algorithms and keyword searches. These tools are used to filter out resumes according to keywords matching and also show the grammatical. If your application does not contain that desired keywords, your resume will scores low.

So resume writing by professionals will be error-free and also match all the criteria required by the employer, so selection chances will be increased.

5.   Join and active on online biotech job portals

 Biotech can involve highly technical and modern positions, you can’t find a biotech job in newsprints. The wisest place to focus on is the internet.

You can apply for a job vacancy directly via the company website, but this is a time taking procedure. First you have to select job according to your preference after that you have to take follow up how much proceed your application at different website.

So make it hassles free, join the biotech and life science job portal that gives leverage to manage all the things in one place. These job portals are authentic, directly attached to Research Institutes & biotech Companies.

Some are online biotech job portals in India are:

So there you go. You will find many of the tips to find a job, but these are some of the most important tips you can follow while hunting a job. Don’t fall for any job that is not interesting to you, stay active and grab the opportunity.

All the best.

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