5 Must-Follow LinkedIn Group for Biotechnology Career

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Keeping up with industry trends and maintaining a routine of reading content can sometimes be a difficult task for most busy biotechnology and life sciences professionals. You can’t read all the pile-up contents in your mail, so maybe you miss the important one.

You may not realize, but you are missing some of the top trading articles, news, and great reading content if you are not synchronized with your reading habit. For successful biotech career you should know the trading news of biotech industry. 

Maybe You’ve joined a few Facebook groups, community, or even YouTube premium group also but later on you found, they are only spammy sales groups that just litter your inbox.

It’s okay, I have been there too. I have also faced the same problem. So don’t trap yourself in a sales group. They may tell join the premium group (sales technique) and you will get more relevant content and will earn more money.

I suggest you join selected LinkedIn groups which are 100% authentic so that you can trust as a source of new and quality content is free. You only have to request them to join, will have to wait to be approved by the group’s owner.

Let me tell you some reasons behind to join LinkedIn groups:

  • LinkedIn is the platform where you will find only professional people

They talk about career, growth, motivation, industry news and many more. You will motivate by surrounding like-minded people.

  • LinkedIn allows you to extend your personal brand

You can join relevant LinkedIn group, where you can participate in discussions, can post helpful content, answering others people question give you major benefits.

  • Your active participation will Increase visibility, you will get noticed by the people of the industry.
  • Posting relevant content shows you know your stuff so that your believability enhanced
  • Many door will open for new connections, job, and business opportunities
  • Your knowledge will enhance

There is a lot of great content and conversation happening in these groups. Reading through discussions and asking questions can keep you up to speed on hot industry topics, open your eyes to different viewpoints, and give you a better understanding of the challenges facing your clients.

Some interesting thing about LinkedIn groups

  • You can join maximum 100 groups at once
  • You can create job alert and subscribe to email alerts so that it will notify you
  • You can content through direct messages to anyone in your groups

I’ve put a list of some key groups that are related to life sciences and biotechnology, which definitely help you to enhance your knowledge as well as your personal branding along with job opportunities

1. Professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

  • Created: February 29, 2008
  • Members: 205,198
  • Owner: Nikul Shukla

Why you should join this group

It is the largest group on LinkedIn in the field of pharmaceutical and biotech industry. This community is Well Designed to expand the network and promotes best content. This is best platform for biotech professionals to increase knowledge and motivate through inspiring stories.

2. Rx&D – Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research and Development

  • Created: July, 2009
  • Members: 77,889
  • Owner: Josh Marcus

Why you should join this group

This is the premier Linked In (“social”) networking group specifically designed for research, development, scientific, clinical and medical professionals across the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. They claim a growing community of R&D professionals who share common experiences, passions, interests, affiliations, and goals. This group will enable you to stay informed (emerging trends, career, new ventures, etc.) and keep in touch with people who share your interests.

You can join as many of the subgroups as you would like.

3. BioSpace Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professionals Group

  • Created: June 20, 2008
  • Members: 14,334
  • Owner: Angela (Bellizzi) Ponulak

Why you should join this group

The BioSpace Group provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals with a forum to connect and share industry information and trends, cutting-edge research and technology, and business and employment opportunities. They value their Biotech community members and work hard to keep this a productive and informational forum.

4. Pharma IQ – Pharmaceuticals Biotech & Life Science Network

  • Created: February 2010
  • Members: 26,608
  • Owner: Effa Emelia

Why you should join this group

This is the official LinkedIn group for Pharma-IQ.com, the premier online network for the pharmaceutical & biotech industry. Whether you are in the field of clinical, pre-clinical, regulatory, logistics or manufacturing – you’ll find like-minded people to network, discuss, and share ideas with peers.

As a group member you can have access for free podcasts, video seminars, white papers, reports, presentations and more in-depth peer discussion.

5. CRO and CMO, CRAMS, CDMO Professionals

  • Created: June 2008
  • Members: 62,349
  • Owner: Jane Meyer

Why you should join this group

This group was designed to foster relationships and networking among individuals who work in or part of business related to the CMO, CRAMS, CDMO and CRO field(s). Covering fields in the Pharmaceutical/Pharma, Life Science, Engineering, Aerospace, Chemical, Clinical/CRA, Medical and Biotechnology/Biotech/Bio, Development, Formulation, Manufacturing and Contract Services for Technical and technically related and managed fields. This is a global group directory with individuals from all over the world.

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What’s your favorite biotechnology LinkedIn group? Tell me in the comments below!

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