Common Problems Faced by Biotechnology Students in India

Common problem of biotech students

Biotechnology is an excellent career choice that solves many problems and also improves the quality of human lives. It contributes to the area like medicine, agriculture, food, and environment.

Most students choose the biotechnology career path after class 12thstd. But the problem comes when students don’t find jobs and also get into problems for higher studies.

While getting a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, the student assumes they will become a Scientist. But the real thing is for becoming a scientist, a higher degree like Masters and Ph.D. is mandatory.

Many students don’t do research about biotech and develop unrealistic expectations. So, I am trying to provide the actual picture of the common problems faced by biotechnology students in India and how to overcome them.

The core biotechnology field is a research-based field. It’s a very practical-oriented field and demands hands-on training. The job opportunities in core biotechnology are available in two main verticals –

R&D in Biological Sciences

Industrial Process

In this post, I am going to talk about 5 common problems faced by students of biotechnology in India.

There are lots of problems that Indian students face in this field. Being a student of BTech Biotechnology, I also faced some of them. On the based on my experience, talking to my juniors and other classmates, I gather five common problems faced by the Biotechnology students in India are:


Many of the students choose a Biotechnology career without doing research about it. I also noticed a student who fails to crack the MBBS test selects a biotechnology career path. But without having full-flagged knowledge in the biotech field, you can’t make a successful career.

I know most of the 12thstd. students get excited while reading about biotechnology because I was also excited too while studying about how they made dolly ship through gene cloning, how we look like our parents because of inheritance, how PCR diagnose diseases like AIDs at an early stage and so many things.

But biotechnology is not limited to what we think at the 12std or graduation level. There is far more than to be known. But due to lack of awareness Students are finding it difficult.

2. The perception that Biotechnology has no scopes in India

People think India has been no scope in biotechnology for a long time. I and my friends thought too about it at least a couple of times in our degree. I know India lacks behind many instruments and facilities required in a lab. But we can fill this skill gap by training and internships.

As my experience increased, all of my doubts started to get clarified as I got to learn about this field more and more. So, do proper research before selecting this field. Now, I can boldly say that India has scopes for Biotechnology students. There are so many Biotechnology companies in India like Biocon, Panacea Biotec, Cipla, Syngene, Mankind Pharma Limited, Serum Institute of India, Sanofi, Jubilant Life Sciences, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Bhat Bio-Tech India, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, and many more. If you want to know what are the job option in biotechnology, check here.

3. Salary packages in a job

When it comes to salary packages, all of us want higher packages as freshers. I have heard from my teachers that Biotech companies do not provide good packages to fresher’s at starting. Because of this, students start regretting pursuing Biotechnology.

But these things are happening with other fields as well. All fresher don’t get the high packages. The only myth is biotech fresher, don’t get high pay. If you really did internships, training, a very good grip on your basics, and have practical’s skills your starting salary may surprise you! Companies like GSK, Biocon do provide higher packages, even to the freshers.

4. Dealing with Mathematics

Before joining the course of Biotechnology, most students were not aware that Mathematics is also a part of the syllabus of biotech. I also was not aware of it but was not a big deal for me. I found a few of my friends who only choose biology background because they didn’t well in math’s. For them, it is really difficult. Few of them fail in the 1st and 2nd semester. If mathematics is terrible for you, don’t go for Btech biotechnology or you can overcome this through practice. I also practiced a lot in my biotech graduation because as a CBSE student I didn’t contact maths for 2 years. Thanks to my passion for biotechnology I got good marks in maths and passed graduation with distinction.

5. Financial Problems

India is a developing country, and money is a priority for us. If we don’t qualify for competitive exams in India, we cannot land up in a good institute. The private institute charge outrageous fee (minimum 4 to 8 lacs) for a technical degree but they are not that well equipped and students face a lot of problems because of this. This problem brings huge skills-gap.

I saw in the majority of the cases, Funding becomes a problem and students have to re-think taking this career option. It forces most of them to take up jobs in non-engineering fields or remain unemployed.

So, I can really understand the frustration and disappointment when you don’t get a decent salary package after bachelor after investing this much money. But this scenario applies to other streams, too.

So, what to do in such a scenario? Here are my suggestions.

  • We don’t have to sit and blame institutions or industries.
  • Biotechnology is a very complex field and requires intelligence, creativity, and more importantly, patience & perseverance. You need to remain updated and aggressively seek opportunities to gain hands-on experience and training.
  • Before opting for Biotechnology, understand what the field is all about. What skills needed, what is the syllabus, what are the major biotechnology domains, what are career scopes? Don’t jump into the field just because it looks interesting. Learn more about it.
  • Choose a good college, not necessarily a top college. Check the credentials, faculty members, environment, industry links, location, and more important labs, etc. You won’t get too far by having theoretical knowledge.
  • If you want to for a research career, higher studies (Masters and/or Ph.D.) Is a must. You have to be patient in this particular field.
  • Focus on gaining industry training and doing internships at an early stage (from 2nd year). Technical skills are very important in the core biotechnology sector.
  • Don’t ignore the soft skills. They are as now as important as your technical skills. You have to know how to write a good Resume, Interview Prep, communication skills, etc. If you want to update through LinkedIn, check here. 5 must-follow LinkedIn group for biotechnology career.
  • Always keep upgrading by attending seminars, webinars, and online courses. You can find it easy at biotechnika.

If you want to more about the problem-solving ideas, check the article Biggest Problem with Biotech Fresher Jobs and How you can fix it.

Comment me, what is your problem? I will try to solve and let you know.

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