A career as a Food Safety Officer

food safety

If you are interested to serve the public directly, can go in this field. The food industry is itself a broad area in which opportunities never going to end. Food Safety Officer is a professional who is ensures the quality of food produced by food manufactures.

The major purpose of the analysis of food sample is to identify the hazardous effect of a food product on people.

They collect food samples from various places for inspection. After inspection, if they find suspicious material or wrong practical activity, the Food Safety Officer can issue a legal notice for the usage of hazardous material.

Other job roles of a Food Safety Officer include surprise visits at hotels, restaurants, Bakery, and the food industry for inspection of food items and whether all safety rules and guidelines are followed for the safety and hygiene of food product or not.

Eligibility to become Food Safety Officer

The minimum eligibility criteria to become a Food Safety Officer is given below:

The candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc/ B.Tech) or a Master’s degree in a relevant field like food technology/ dairy technology/ biotechnology/ agriculture Science/ biochemistry, etc.

If you want to work as a food scientist must hold a PhD degree in a relevant domain.

Career Path

After acquiring the relevant degree, the candidate must apply for the job post of Food Safety Officer. You can apply for various entrance exams conducted by India Govt. or you can in the private sector according to your experience at a different post.

The notification for recruitment is released on the various job portals like Biotechnika, Sarkari result, etc. or you can directly follow the Govt. Sites. You must regularly check for job posts to apply.

Types of Job Roles Food Safety Officer

There are different types of job roles in this field. I have mentioned some of them below:

Food safety auditor

A food safety auditor visits restaurant, hotels, food manufacturing industries, bakeries to check the food hygiene and the quality of material used.

They cross check the food manufactures is following the rule of food safety standard or not.

They can charge fine to the owner of the food manufacturer, or issue a legal notice to close the industry, hotels or restaurants in case any major ill activities carried out at the respective place.

A food company itself and conduct supplier audits for a private company can employ a food safety auditor. You can also work in third party audit agencies like DNV, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, MS Certification, IRCLASS, SGS, BIS, TUV, Indocert.

Along with food safety knowledge, they should have knowledge of microbiology, chemistry. For successful food safety officers, you should have a willingness to travel and good communication.

Food Scientists

A Food scientist examines food samples to study the processing of foods and its deterioration. They also find solutions for packaging and preservation of food.

They analyze the nutritional content of foods, such as the levels of vitamins, minerals, fat, sugar, protein and sodium. They also determine the safest and most effective ways to process, package, preserve and distribute food products. Additionally, food scientists ensure additives and preservatives are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Food Technologist

Food technologists work in the food industry as a Quality Analyst. They ensure the maintenance of hygienic conditions in the food processing area according to food safety standards.

They also ensure the quality of ingredients, steps of food processing, handling technique, and labeling descriptions.

They monitor the use of additives and preservatives in food items and also test and examine food samples. Based on testing and experiments, they write reports.

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Food and Drug Administrator (FDA)

The Food and Drug Administrator’s job role is to protect public health by ensuring food safety, they regularly check the various products like a dietary supplement, food, and feed of animals, veterinary products, drugs and vaccines and many more.

A Professor/Academia

A food safety officer also works as professors either they can conduct food safety research in a wide variety of areas like searching new methods for increasing food safety, microbiological assay development, or can work in private companies assisting in product development.

They can also teach food science and safety in institutes. But for career in academia will require a Master’s degree or higher.

Work in Employment Sector

A Food Safety Officer is an Administrative Level B Post in India. You can work in different departments of Food Safety and Health, Government sector of India. The employment sectors include:

  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Pharma Industry
  • Food Industry

Top Recruiting Organizations

Check the list of top recruiters that hires a Food Safety Officer in India:

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • Food Corporation of India (FCI)
  • State Public Service Commission (SPSC)
  • Department of Food Safety and Health, Government of India

So, I hope this post helps you learn more about the various career fields’ in the food industry. If you are planning to make a career as a food safety officer select any of them according to your experience and interest and rock them. I will look forward to your comments!

Note- there is a myth only food technology graduates can be a food safety officer.

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