Courses Option To Choose After BSc Biotechnology

I remembered the last day of my college campus. I and my friend Sarita were sitting on the stairs of the academics building. Other fellows were doing a party, they were congratulating each other, and we were talking about our future. What are we going to do after graduation?  

It confused us. We asked teachers earlier but didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Seniors said that even after masters, the job options are limited. At last, we concluded that we will drop 1year and get a job after that we will think. Later on, I did an MBA and my friend continued her sales job.

As growing my experience, I come to know there are many job options open after completing a master’s in biotechnology or masters in your interested field.

If you are really passionate about biotechnology or life science must go for a master’s degree. After a master’s degree, you will get decent pay, along with your dream job.

If you are also wondering what has to do after biotech graduation, I would suggest one thing nobody knows you better than yourself, only you can judge yourself better. So choose wisely and never look for what your friends are choosing. Because each individual is different and with different capabilities.

There are various options available after you have completed your Biotech. You can either for opt for and MBA.

MSc OR M.Tech

If you want to continue Masters in science, then these are many disciplines some of them are listed below, you can select any of them as per your interest. Microbiology Biotechnology Cell Biology Molecular Biology Bioinformtics Agriculture Food Technology Biophysics Computational Biology Biostatistics Genetics Marine Biotech Nano Biotechnology Plant Biotechnology Forensic Science + many more.

This list is long, the criteria for choosing a course should be your interest. All courses are good, opportunities will knock your door only if you follow your passion and interest.

You can also opt for Msc / PhD Integrated degrees available at selected institutes across India.

MBA (master’s in business administration)

MBA is also a good option, but only for those having an interest in marketing, business, and management can go for it.

You can do your MBA in biotechnology or other field IT, HR, etc.

It is also 2 year’s program, like MSc/ MTech.

M.Sc or PG diploma course in clinical research

Now a day, Clinical research is becoming popular. It is basically a series of testing to ensure the safety & efficacy of innovative drug products on human beings before getting marketed.

It has a good career scope in hospitals & research, and clinical research organization labs with a good salary package. Biotech & Clinical research might be a wonderful combination to go ahead with.

PG Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

PGDMLT is another good option. In this course, you will learn about how to withdraw blood samples, how to process it for hematology, how to count blood cells, immunological analysis, etc.

You will also get to know how to process body fluids/urine/stool sample in clinical pathology departments, how to identify abnormality, how to make pathology reports, etc.

You can get plenty of job opportunities after this, it may possible you can get a job in a very small lab to any reputed hospital. You can also get jobs in government hospitals or health institute where they give you a handsome salary package.

I advise to you, do this course from a reputed government recognized institute that can help in getting a job.

One of the good institutes is MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education). You can check it.

There you go… There are certainly several other choices than I’ve listed here. The key is to strike a balance between your passion and the greater opportunity that lies ahead of you to secure your ideal industry position.

So please guys do not hesitate in exploring. Students get stuck in the wrong course due to lack of awareness. Gather as much info as possible and choose the wise path. Do your best in your chosen carrier and you’ll soon reap the benefits of your hardships. Good luck!

  “There is No Shortcut to Success”

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