5 Bioscience Careers will be in High Demand post COVID-19 Pandemic

Biotech career after covid 19

What do you think, what is the Post effect of the COVID-19 pandemic over the career of biotechnology?

Once the COVID-19 dust settles down, a new order will emerge in the job market, analysts say. Several new jobs in the field of health and hygiene and technology may come up.

Microbiology and bio-technology, as segments, are expected to take off, as every organization would require the services of such people to advise and teach staff on microbes and how to deal with infections.

Such people will also be required for research by pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology.

Various organizations, institutes and companies rushing to either develop a vaccine, creating easy to use and affordable testing kits and/or involved in drug development.

Keeping this in mind, post-COVID-19 it would be wise that choosing these careers or brush up these skills because biotech and pharma industries focus more on Research & Development in India.

Listed below are some Biological Science courses and skills that you could consider developing since these will be in popular demand in the years to come, post COVID-19 Outbreak.

  1. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is a huge topic nowadays – especially with COVID-19 circulating the globe. It helps in the cleaning solutions disinfecting kitchen counters to the ventilators helping keep patients alive.

Due to Corona pandemic, the demand for masks, ventilators, disposable gloves, face shields, and other medical pieces of equipment have increased. Biomedical engineers work on devices to assist in treating patients.

For example, they work on the design and manufacturing of ventilators for treating patients who are already sick. They also work on technologies for rapid detection of viruses as well as diagnosing viral diseases.

The field of biomedical engineering (BioMed) is an applied field of science and engineering that combines biology and engineering, applying engineering principles and materials to medicine and healthcare.

The aim of the field is to develop systems, equipment, and devices in order to diagnose disease and solve health problems.

Biomedical engineering is very important for the healthcare industry – from advancing medical treatments to monitoring a condition.

So, it could be a great time to pursue Bachelors or Masters in Biomedical Engineering.

Top Biomedical Engineering Institutes in India:

2. Virology and Microbiology

This time, virology topic also at the boom, it is the branch of science which deals with viruses and viral diseases.

By going through the current scenario who knows how many more viruses we may discover in the coming years?

As we saw, the Hantavirus creating some panic in the middle of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. So this is not something new, it shows we have to prepare for these microscopic microorganisms that can create such disaster and bring the whole world down to its knees.

It is a very interesting Biological Science course & field of study. You will get to understand and also discover what makes these viruses tick, why they are the way they are? Now as you can see with COVID-19, many scientists are toiling day and night to figure out how it functions. Many are studying its genome as well to figure out what can be targeted to make it less virulent.

Institutes that offer Virology Courses are:

3. Vaccine Design & Drug Development

Bioinformatics has been gaining more importance with the spread of COVID-19.

In these days speaking about Coronavirus, only one question asked “Is there a vaccine yet?” Oh no, not yet.

Let’s understand what is Vaccine Development?

Vaccine Development involves the process of taking a new antigen or immunogen identified in the research process and developing this substance into a final vaccine that can be evaluated through preclinical and clinical studies to determine the safety and efficacy of the resultant vaccine.

It is not a simple and easy process. There are no shortcuts to this process, and scientists work overnight to save as many people as soon as possible.

Judging by how fast a virus is spread, we will always be in need of newer vaccines in the years to come. So do consider taking this direction in your career, there will never be a dearth of viruses that afflict mankind.

4. Epidemiology and Public Health

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases in populations and the application of this study to the control of health problems.

An epidemiologist studies the outbreaks of diseases, the causes, the locations and how various communities are affected, and uses relevant related information to come up with solutions to prevent such outbreaks from occurring in the future.

The field deals with taking appropriate measures in improving the health conditions of the society and communities by educating them about various diseases and helping them understand the preventive measures.

Decisions like how many days of lockdown and in what kind of intervals are needed to stop the spread of a pandemic comes from epidemiologists and public health professionals.

Epidemiology Institutes in India:

Note- A Master of Public Health is a necessary qualification to become an epidemiologist.

5. Food Technology

You may be thinking, how Food technology is going a trending career in this pandemic?

Food technology is the branch of science that deals with production, processing, packaging, and distribution of food.

During this pandemic, we all bought heaps of groceries and the essentials stocked at home. Most of all we were looking for non-perishable items that can last a few months on a minimum. All forms of instant noodles, instant mixes are flying off the shelves.

What does a Food Technologist do?

Food technology can innovate food which lasts for a few month, so that it can be of great help during crises like these.

While on the topic of COVID-19, it has been widely reported that the origin of the virus was a wet market in Wuhan where all kinds of meat were sold. Now, what if we could move away from wet markets? What if there was another alternative to meat? Food Technologist plays can play a role to develop fake meat (plant-based meat).

As you can see a food technologist has diverse roles and this is a field with ample scope for years to come. So think about it, why not take up food technology as a career?

Food Technology Institutes in India:

Besides these, many other private colleges offer a course in Food technology. You can check out state wise what colleges would fit you best.

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COVID-19 show how important a scientist, researcher, healthcare worker’s role is in controlling an outbreak of this pandemic. We all have to work hard to ensure to save as many lives as possible.

I hope you get it how important this courses are. Choose any one course according to your interest and move in your career. In addition to these courses, you also have to possess sincerity, service spirit to society, patience, discipline, commitment, self-confidence, teamwork skills, self-motivation, adaptation, and flexibility.

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