The version of myself that I aspire to be

Mukund is a very confident and cheerful woman. She completed her graduation in Biotech and worked for Coca Cola. She wanted to learn something different so she decided to go for MBA. But that didn’t work for her.

She left the job after marriage due to some reasons but she never thought of being a housewife. She always wanted to achieve something good in her career life. She tried lots of things but failed. Digital marketing is something that attracted Mukund, so she started to research and learn from free and paid courses, google, and YouTube.

She is now in 2025, she has worked for many reputed companies including Pixel track and has good knowledge in the field of marketing. She is dedicated and consistent in her work. She loves to finish her jobs on time.

Right now, she is in the US with her husband. She works for a well-known company as a social media manager and she also works as a freelancer and helps multiple companies to grow in their business. Now she is financially independent. OFFICE IN USA OF DIGITAL MARKETINGOffice of Mukund

She is happy in her married life and blessed with a cute baby. She owns a BMW car so she often goes for a long drive with her family. Now she manages both her home and office work perfectly. Her parents are proud of her. Back in 2024, she gifted a villa to her parents in Banaras (U.P). She also guided and supported her sisters so they are in a good position in their careers. BMW CARMUKUND’S BMW CAR

Mukund loves to help people, so she counsels students at the weekend or in her spare time. She loves to spend time with old people, so often visits old age house to talk with them and help them.

She has written a book “how to find your goal” that inspired many people and helps people to find their goals. Now she is planning to write a book on introverted people.Mukund's book Mukund’s upcoming book

Mukund loves to travel and explore new countries and talk with strangers. She already has visited 10 countries including South Korea (favorite one). She runs two websites and travelholic, which is having a 1million of followers. She shares her suggestion, experience, and review in her blogs.

As she is a shopaholic, she keeps expensive brand items in her closet and she also loves to gift them to others. She is a fitness freak. She does yoga for fitness and health. She also does meditation for focus and calmness. She looks younger than her age.

Mukund is always keen to learn and wants to grow as much as she is capable of. She reads books to increase her capability to grow. She will be keeping learning because she loves to explore new things.

This was all about Mukund’s 2.0 version.

Ps- this is a part of Digital deepak internship programme.

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