The success story of Dr. Madhusuan Upadhyay

interviewee: Dr. Madhusudan Upadhyay

Interviewer: Mukund rai

Date: March 10, 2021

Meeting place: Audio call

This article is about Dr. Madhusudan Upadhyay, who is a Researcher, Teacher, Author, and Astrologer.

He guided many biotech and life science students, and still helping bioscience students to reach their careers through his pathfinder coaching. he is a role model for many biotech students like me. He wrote many articles for different websites and publications.

Dr. Madhusudan Upadhyay might be not famous on the online platform but he is a multi-talented person whose name should be known.

He has done MTech in 2009 and completed Ph.D. from BHU in 2013. He has researched RNA, Molecular biology, Immunobiotech, and made different vaccines during his Ph.D.

He started his career in the teaching field and joined GCRG college, Lucknow in 2013 as a Head of the department in engineering school and Protocol officer in medical school.

He left GCRG college in 2015 and joined SRM college, Lucknow but left in 2016 due to his entrepreneurial desire and job complications.

This is the turning point of his life and started 3 companies ( Adhita bioscience, Adhita biotechnology, and one more. )as a co-founder in 2017.

He didn’t stop there, started pathfinder biotech coaching for CSIR, NET, GATE, and islets in 2018.

He also started the Blue Saffire company for the herbal product, cancer-detecting kit, and many more.

I was his student. he taught me molecular biology in the 7th semester but he left college before we get to know close. But though that semester, we knew he is a knowledgeable professor because he taught any topic in deep. But due to limited time, we move forward in different own life and forget about him.

Once I faced a problem while getting a job in the biotech Industry, Talked about him to my junior. she knows about him somehow. and she told me he has a company in Lucknow, you can talk to him. either you will get a job or he will help you to get a job.

I and my junior also know, he talented person and cooperative(down to earth). After 4years I talked to him and got to know him, he is a motivated person. He did so much, from a college professor to a successful entrepreneur.

I learned a lot from him. never hopeless to lose a job. Sometimes we deserve more than that. So fail but come up with a bigger plan and nailed it.

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