The success story of Dr. Madhusuan Upadhyay

interviewee: Dr. Madhusudan Upadhyay Interviewer: Mukund rai Date: March 10, 2021 Meeting place: Audio call This article is about Dr. Madhusudan Upadhyay, who is a Researcher, Teacher, Author, and Astrologer. He guided many biotech and life science students, and still helping bioscience students to reach their careers through his pathfinder coaching. he is a role model for many biotech … Read more

Best Career Options for Biotech students in JNVs

career for biotech in jnv

If You dont like surprise everyday then teaching job is best for you. The teaching job in JNVS is one best Biotech career Options. it is a stable and permanent job. I was a student of Navodya. My younger sister and I passed the entrance exam together.  However, she is younger than me, but she … Read more

Plant Biotechnology Career Aspects & Future Scope

source- careerizma Biotechnologists use biological organisms to develop or make innovative products designed to improve health, food, and the world around us. As a biotechnologist, you are involved in manipulating living organisms or their components to design or enhance vaccines, medicines, energy efficiency or food productivity and safety. You’ll study the genetic, chemical and physical … Read more


Microbiologists carry out laboratory analysis and monitoring of microbial cultures, samples. Now Microbiologists work in a variety of contexts, including food production, environmental science, medicine, and basic research. They work in hospitals, universities, private companies, non-profit organizations, and government, and have many job titles, from Biosafety Officer to Professor. A microbiologist may work across many … Read more

A Career As a Microbiologist In India

source- Do you want to grab the chance during this pandemic covid19 as a microbiologist? Are Microbiologists Suddenly in Demand In India? Yes, it is absolutely true that during this epidemic, the whole world looks towards the microbiologists. The former head of the department of clinical microbiology at AIIMS, New Delhi, “Sarman Singh” said … Read more

Forensic Science Career Paths

Have you heard about actor Sushant Rajput suicide/murder Mistry? Have you heard about unfortunate death of actress Sridevi? have you known about bank fraud case of Nirav Modi? Image source – Murder, kidnapping, Rape, banking frauds, cyber-crime, crimes against property are very dominant in India. Crimes do happen in India like other countries. But … Read more

How to Become a Forensic Scientist in India

Source- Polymer solutions Are you a fan of the popular crime & detective series like Bones, Sherlock Holmes, and wants to become one of them?  Are you interested in jobs like CBI, IB or forensic scientist? Then a career in forensic science is best for you. Forensic science might not be as popular as other … Read more