Top 5 Technical Skills in Biotechnology | Best Technical Skills to Get Jobs in Biotech & Biomedical Research

source – leverage edu When a swimmer enters the water, he is expected the most to have the swimming skills, which will be considered as an unavoidable hard skill to be possessed by him. That cannot be ignored at any cost.  Evidently hard skills are the necessity to perform any task and thus in any … Read more

Career Visions and Scope of Biotechnology

Are u confused to study biotechnology or not? Interested in biotechnology but tensioned about scope of biotechnology? What is the Scope of Biotechnology in India? 1000s of students like you ask this question on google every day, and if you are one among them, then you are at the right place. Biotechnology graduates have a … Read more

A career as a Food Safety Officer

If you are interested to serve the public directly, can go in this field. The food industry is itself a broad area in which opportunities never going to end. Food Safety Officer is a professional who is ensures the quality of food produced by food manufactures. The major purpose of the analysis of food sample … Read more

Common Problems Faced by Biotechnology Students in India

Biotechnology is an excellent career choice that solves many problems and also improves the quality of human lives. It contributes to the area like medicine, agriculture, food, and environment. Most students choose the biotechnology career path after class 12thstd. But the problem comes when students don’t find jobs and also get into problems for higher … Read more